"Verily this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood and I am your Sustainer; therefore serve Me alone." (S.21, v. 92)


About Alubudiya

This site is dedicated to the propagation of the core values and benevolence of Islam. Allah, Most Gracious and All-Wise, commanded: “Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair instruction, and reason with them in the best manner; your Lord is Best Aware of he who goes astray and those who pursue the right course.” (An-Nahl [The Bee], S. 16:125)

The website will bring together a variety of resources to present the timeless beauty and universality of Islam’s message, made available in English, Arabic and, God-Willing, other languages.
That universality is in no way compromised by the fact that English-language content predominates; indeed users will duly observe the predominance of English language content makes the Alobodeya site readily accessible to Muslims across the globe. Alobodeya is acutely conscious about preserving the integrity of Arabic, the language of the Qur’an and the Messenger, – on him peace and salutations, – through whom the Divine Writ was revealed. Alobodeya is equally conscious about the efficacy of the English language in faithfully rendering for the purpose of wider reach, in terms of both established lingua franca and international multimedia compatibility. Alobodeya remains hopeful of adding content in Arabic and other languages, subject to availability of such content and media compatibility. Site users will, God-Willing, proffer helpful suggestions and solutions and Alobodeya welcomes productive interaction, – and God’s Aid is sought.

It will be abundantly clear to all users that this website is not the exclusive preserve of any one individual or special interest group. To this end, Alobodeya reminds site users of the profound meaning inherent in the fact of Muhammad, on him peace and blessings, as universal messenger: “We sent you not [O Muhammad] except as a Mercy to all the worlds.” (Al-Anbiya’ [The Prophets], S. 21:107) For the adherents to Islam, the only way to avail this mercy is to adopt the virtues of our Master Muhammad – on him peace and blessings – and reflect it in one’s mode and manner of propagation, social interaction and individual rectitude. Alobodeya welcomes all sincere contributions but the site administrator is not responsible for the veracity of external material or the integrity of individual contributors. May Allah grant us the ability to do that which attains His Satisfaction